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I've presented this workshop in the women's health, trauma resolution, and mental health community. 

Breathwork & Self-Massage includes a combined foundation of:

  • warm-up with movement
  • ancient Chinese Taoist bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)- energy work, breath work, internal organ massage 
  • “Unwinding the Belly” by Allison Post,
  • intro to scar tissue massage techniques (great for post c-section, post-surgery)
  • corrective exercise breathwork

What to bring/wear: water bottle, comfortable clothing (drawstring or elastic waist pants), yoga mat, blanket, pen/pencil and notebook

    Ancient Chinese White Cloud Taoist Monks developed CNT thousands of years ago to improve their meditation practice. They noticed that the internal organs contained energy blockages (negative emotions i.e. fear, anxiety, depression, and worry) that needed to be worked through. CNT creates a bridge between the thinking mind and the feeling belly, “the second heart and the second brain”.

    Mantak Chia brought it to the US in the 1970’s:
    “The center is the physical nexus of all emotions, movement, and breath.”

    Other Sources of Tension/Blockage:

    • Trauma
    • Toxicity-drugs, alcohol, pollution, food additives, chemicals
    • Lack of exercise
    • Lack of sleep/overwork
    • Overloaded senses-no down time
    • Surgery (scar tissue, including c-section birth)
    • Extra weight burdens entire system

    Relieves (partial list):

    • Intestinal blockages
    • Scar tissue
    • Menstrual Cramps
    • Knots
    • Lumps, tangles, masses
    • Headaches
    • Poor blood circulation
    • Back pain
    • Infertility/impotence
    • Fibroids
    • Constipation
    • Depression

    *Contraindications for massage: pregnant and menstruating women, inflammatory digestive disorders (ex. IBS, Crohn’s disease)

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