E-COURSE Healing Diastasis Recti: Your Foundation


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(Includes presentation and a series of instructional videos.) 
Practice these techniques before advancing to the next level in order to make real progress. 

Goals of the E-COURSE:

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of diastasis recti and healing trauma.
  2. Provide some basic tools for self-care and healing DR, a beginning foundation of core recovery.
  3. Encouragement and Education for “Loving Your Belly”

Diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles aka "belly pooch") may be more common than you think. You are not alone! Surgery is not the only option available for healing this challenging core condition, even after many years.

Get a basic understanding of this complex issue, learn what to avoid and what can help, and how to test yourself for DR and track your progress. Includes guided meditation/visualization, specialized *corrective exercise breathwork, and daily movement exercises to begin your core recovery.

*Corrective exercise is a blend of fitness training with physical therapy.


* healing core/pelvic floor muscles * low back/hip pain * bloating/digestive issues * constipation * incontinence * impact of stress and trauma * importance of collagen *

WHAT TO BRING: water bottle, pen and notebook, yoga mat/blanket

WHAT TO WEAR: comfortable workout clothing (elastic or drawstring pants)

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