Customized Postpartum Support

Prenatal and Postnatal SupportPostpartum Recovery and Rehabilitation tends to be sorely lacking in our society. The health concerns of mothers after birth are often left unaddressed or even ignored which can lead to long-term issues that could be prevented and healed with proper education and support. As a POSTPARTUM REHABILITATION SPECIALIST, I’d like to offer you support, education, and services that can help you to find your strength and balance after the major passage of pregnancy and birth, no matter how many years after. Low back/hip/pelvic pain, diastasis recti (separation of belly muscles), and c-section birth recovery are a part of the healing services offered.

From my perspective, POSTPARTUM refers to ALL mothers after pregnancy, including women with grown children and those who have endured perinatal loss. My purpose and commitment is to address and offer the care and support you need and seek. Your concerns matter.

Postpartum Massagepostpartum massage with baby-Postnatal massage assists mothers in recovery and replenishment after giving birth. It can be a vital part of the healing process as a woman walks through the tremendous transformation that comes with motherhood. C-section birth recovery and scar reduction massage, including instruction for self-massage, is a part of the healing services offered.

Postpartum Personal Training-Address your changes and/or imbalances from pregnancy and birth with individualized information and support. Sessions include proper breathing, bellydance movement, corrective exercise for core rehabilitation and pelvic floor recovery (including c-section recovery), functional fitness training for core and overall strength, stamina, healthy weight loss/gain, and stress reduction. Reclaim your relationship with your body and reconnect with your natural beauty, inside and outside.

hip pain

Lower Back/Hip Pain & Alignment These painful issues have become epidemic in our modern society, especially for postpartum women and mothers in general. I offer a variety of services included in Holistic Personal Training and Therapeutic Massage that are customized to offer relief from pain and discomfort along with support, and education to heal and prevent further problems. We address your issues based on our initial consultation and on-going assessments.

postnatal bd class Workshops-We will address specific postpartum issues to help you gain the awareness, confidence, and skills to create a toolbox for self-care, vibrant health, and fitness. You will see that you are not alone and have the opportunity to connect with other mothers in a safe, supportive environment. Come get information and resources while enjoying an uplifting, nourishing time honoring yourselves as women and mothers!