Prenatal Personal Training is support for…

prenatal trng 1A Healthy, Fit Pregnancy

Preparation for Childbirth

Diastasis Recti (“Mommy Tummy”) Prevention

Strength and Stamina for Parenting

prenatal exercise

prenatal fitness 2“Morgyn has been a wonderful blessing for me! I always look forward to my training sessions with her, and always feel better, both physically and emotionally, after each session. She challenged me while also being mindful of my (and the baby’s) health. Training with Morgyn has helped me cope better with the changes my body has gone through during pregnancy. It lifts my energy levels and mood, and helped my morning sickness during the first trimester. I wholeheartedly recommend Morgyn to anyone who is pregnant!” -Liz K.

Prenatal Fitness and Birth Preparation

We will incorporate breath work, functional fitness training, corrective exercise, bellydance, therapeutic stretching, and meditation/visualization.

Some research-proven benefits of exercise during pregnancy include a significant decrease in.

  • need for pain relief and medical interventions during labor and delivery
  • excessive time spent and exhaustion in labor
  • weight gain
pregnancy exercise 2

You also have the option of therapeutic massage to complement your fitness training!


prenatal exercise

What specific skills will you take with you?

Breath Work Techniques:

  • reduce stress and tension
  • prepare for labor and delivery
  • strengthen core muscles/diaphragm for increased breath capacity and better function and alignment

Increase Fitness:

  • develop balance, stamina, strength, and flexibility for the demands of birth and parenting
  • prevent excessive, unhealthy weight gain
  • prepare for an easier postnatal recovery

Learn Dance Skills:

  • develop balance, flexibility, coordination, grounding, muscle isolation and development
  • experience the release and empowerment that comes from dance movement
  • incorporate some new dance moves into your repetoire!

Receive Support and Information:

  • during pregnancy and preparation for birth