Virtual & Local Outdoors (S. Orange County, CA)

Customized programs for women of all ages based on your specific goals, needs, and background.
What do you offer that is unique?

I am a CORE & DANCE RECOVERY COACH and INSTRUCTOR, certified personal trainer, and licensed massage therapist specializing in DANCE AS A HEALING ART, somatic TRAUMA RECOVERY and CORE RECOVERY & STRENGTH. I'm also a mental health advocate with lived experience of trauma and mental illness and have come to the other side with my own recovery.
As a healing artist and a dancer, I work with women who love to dance or want to dance. 

Sessions begin with guided meditation, prayer and breath work. We work with the divine feminine, angels, guides, Mother Earth. Emphasis is on safe space, reflecting upon and understanding your story, creating healthy lifestyle and self-care habits, journaling, and homework. 

We address issues such as self-care and recharging, connecting with nature, overall toning, healthy weight, improving posture and ease of movement. Sessions focus on effective exercise, proper form, and manageable progress and improvements that you will maintain for the long-term. You have someone “on your side” to push you and to whom you are accountable. Working individually allows for greater attention to the details that matter most to your progress. ONLINE (zoom) & LOCAL SESSIONS

CONTACT ME for a comlementary Clarity Consult 

If you are LOCAL, you'll have the option of therapeutic massage and Thai yoga massage to complement your program.


We start with a 90 min Assessment session to discuss your background and challenges and screen your movement patterns to pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas in need of improvement. From here, I create your customized program which addresses your goals, needs, and concerns. From this initial session, you will come away with at least one skill and homework which can immediately start to use.