Are you feeling the need to address unresolved emotional and physical pain that's holding you back?

We need trauma recovery as a community, nation, and planet now, more than ever. I offer a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULT CONTACT ME


What does somatic mean? 

The word somatic comes from the Greek word “soma” which means living body.

Our bodies are a map of our stories, our relationships, to ourselves and to others: the challenges, wounds, strengths, and triumphs. They hold vast intelligence and speak to us and tell us when something is out of balance. We can learn to become really present in the sensations of our bodies, track our feelings, and tap into this inner wisdom to process and heal the wounds, conscious and unconscious, that create unhealthy reactions, thoughts, beliefs, patterns, relationships, choices.  

I have my own story of trauma recovery and overcoming mental illness. You can read about it HERE.


There’s a framework foundation, yet I always tailor it, depending on your needs. We talk but rely a lot on non-verbal expression through movement and breath. I do a lot of “listening” and observing. There's homework and journaling, support for a self-care and healing movement practice.