"Excellent! Very affirming class with simple tools to incorporate into everyday life. Thank you!"
"While I did not participate to a great extent, I truly enjoyed watching the other dancers. I learned so much today. Thank you so much!"
"You have such a sweet and gentle manner and I see that you genuinely care about the work you’re doing. This is certainly the work you’ve been called to do and it is absolutely needed. Thank you, truly."
"I feel safer in this moment than I ever have. This is the first time I can breathe deeply."
"Thank you so much, Morgyn! This workshop was a beautiful and eye opening experience. You really take your time to explain everything. With your comforting energy, it's so easy to learn and I look forward to our next class!"
"Thank you for having these workshops-it was encouraging."
"Thought it was excellent overall!"
"Amazing! Thank you so much! I love your passion in the little spoken about issues. It feels good to know I'm not alone!"
"Great, open discussions. Very helpful reviewing anatomy for self-awareness."
"This was great. I like the small group setting, too. I'll be recommending this to all my new mom friends!"
"Thank you so much! I learned a lot, even in this short time! I feel like I must have a tight pelvic floor and no abs! Bad combo!"  
"Excellent! Please make it longer." 

“This is the best thing since sliced bread! It’s great for feeling free, keeping pain at bay, staying flexible in your movement. Dancing keeps you happy!”Jeri Mclean, fit, active 68-year-old

“As an instructor of the “Flexibility and Function” class, Morgyn leads us in the diversified set of exercies that increase our agility, strength and balance so important for the ladies of the “certain age” and with the additional fun of dance movements and even elements of the belly dancing.  She is very attentive in prevention of sprains and pains and helps with the professional advice.”-Natasha, fit, active 76-year-old

“I feel like my body has changed for the better, especially my stomach and butt areas. I still get a good workout; you don’t need weights for that. A lot of people don’t understand that you can dance and get a great workout.”

I’ve never danced before like this in all my 40 years of working out.”

Mariana Oleson, fit, active 68-year-old


“Morgyn’s work is fantastic. She is a gifted healer and grace-filled teacher. Thai yoga massage and bellydance therapy with Morgyn Danae is one of the most healing & transformative therapies I have found. Combines yoga, massage, bellydance therapy, and Morgyn’s spiritual expertise. Nothing quite like it. Fabulous.” Kate Schrock, professional musician/singer/songwriter, business owner, mother

"I didn't want to be passive; just a spectator to my bodywork. I wanted to be a part of the solution. With Morgyn's guidance and training combining massage, breath work, bellydance movement, and stretching, I was better able to be an active participant in my healing. I feel I was part of the solution for my aches and pains versus just being reminded of them.
My first Thai massage with Morgyn was the best yoga class, stretching, massage experience all wrapped into one amazing session. Her deep knowledge of different techniques along with her intuitive nature for her clients needs is truly a special combination. I send all my loved ones to Morgyn.”–MaryBeth Lorenz, mother of 2 small children

“After I gave birth and my pelvic bones went back into place, they trapped my left hip joint making it very hard for it to move and making it awkward for me to exercise or even walk somedays! I used Morgyn’s amazing services with exercise, bellydance therapy, and massage to help ‘unlock’ my issue. It only took about 4 weeks to get back on track and I had been suffering through the issue for over a year!”-Kate Fitzner, mother of toddler, entrepeneur

“Morgyn provided comprehensive postnatal care after the birth of my second child, including exercises for overall toning and strengthening, as well as specific exercises targeted at diastasis recti. The treatment plan included exercises that could easily be completed at home with two young children, in combination with relaxing massage sessions that were tailored to complement the exercise regimen.

I could not recommend her services more highly. Whether you are months or years postpartum, Morgyn has the skills and knowledge to provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.”Katherine W. Corrigall, M.S., CCC-SLP, mother of two small children

I started seeing Morgyn for postnatal recovery when my youngest turned 1.5, and I wish I did it sooner. I’ve learned so much about basic self-care, which gets overlooked when you are busy with the little ones. The help I received went beyond the customized training plan she created for me, or the C-section scar tissue massage, or the fun belly-dance moves. She helped me on my healing journey and encouraged me to stay motivated and make being active a part of my life.

Morgyn has a unique combination of talents and approaches healing from many angles. And her massages are amazing!”-Bina, mother of 3 small children

"Hip & Back Pain...GONE! I went to see Morgyn because I struggled with re-occurring lower back & hip pain. I would consistently go to my chiropractor when I went into crisis mode, but it would only help temporarily. Morgyn diagnosed my issue as relating to my Psoas muscle.

I went through a six week therapeutic muscle-massage program and learned about different stretches that helped to strengthen my lower back and hip muscles. I just completed the program and am feeling so rejuvenated! The tightness I struggled with, along with the feeling of having a much shorter leg than the other, has been resolved...I feel FABULOUS!

I'm going to keep a monthly regiment of massage therapy, so that I can maintain the comfort I'm enjoying. I never thought how important muscle massage was...until now! Thank you Morgyn, for allowing me to feel comfort again."Maria Locke - Business Owner, Mother of 3 & Very Post Natal (27 years post!-Never too late :) )

I saw Morgyn for prenatal massage, personal training, and postnatal massage. If it wasn't for the custom workouts that she prepared for me I wouldn't have lasted through my 77 hour labor and delivery. Without the strength I acquired through our workouts I am certain I would have had a c-section.

Not only did this help with labor but it also has helped with postnatal recovery. Morgyn focuses a lot on strengthening the pelvic floor. This is something I knew very little about before seeing Morgyn and now know its importance and how neglected this area of our bodies can be. I am 14 weeks PP and have been back to my regular physical routine since week 4 or 5.

Her workouts were also focused on preparing my body for parenting. Something I never considered. Bending, lifting and carrying a baby could take a toll if my body wasn't prepared for it! The massages were helpful as my body was changing through pregnancy and now as it is again changing during motherhood.

My work with Morgyn has helped make for a fun, natural and pain free transition from pregnancy to parenting. Thank you Morgyn!"-Gabby Stone, massage therapist, business owner, mother

I feel so much more balanced and mindful of my body than I did before and look forward to continuing this journey. Thank you, Morgyn!!–Charu,marathon runner, mother of 3, business owner

“I went to Morgyn a few months ago for a massage (best ever, and I’ve had a lot!) and while talking with her after found out she also offers personal training. I have been looking for someone to get me back on track after a decadent summer, and Morgyn is that person. She is very present and “in tune” with me and my needs each session, and her work continues after each visit with a follow up “homework” assignment. This is what I really love, because it motivates me, gives me structure and holds me accountable.

I have only been seeing her for two weeks and I already feel stronger and more grounded in my body. Morgyn also takes the time before, during and after each session to check in with how I’m feeling and answer any questions, as well as offer advice regarding diet, vitamin and other regimens she feels I might benefit from.“I see Morgyn for personal training and massage.She is a very unique trainer and has an encyclopedic yet intuitive understanding of anatomy, and especially (from my perspective) what kind of training mothers need both during pregnancy andpost-partum, and throughout motherhood.

Our workouts feel like a magical combination of strength-training, bellydance, yoga, plyometrics, and physical therapy – with the added bonus that they are almost always at the beach and IN the ocean!

(When it’s raining, we work at my home. She also offers house calls and sessions in her studio.)

When Morgyn moved back to Miami, I was already pretty serious about exercise (I’ve done triathlons and even a marathon last year), but I’d been feeling very out of balance with reoccurring minor injuries.

Morgyn complements what I already do with training that focuses on myhips, core, and psoasthat I had really left unaddressed post-partum. (I have three children, ages 6 to 12, so theseissues of soreness, stiffness, and the need for strengthening and toninghave been around for a while…)

I swear she has also taught me how to breathe again and how to really use mybreath with movement, which helps me in so many ways, includingstress relief.

I love that she really integrates the ocean and our beautiful beach in my workouts with bodywork I can do in the water. Herocean running trainingis making me a better and happier runner – it is so rejuvenating. AND her massages are incredible.

I went to Morgyn for massage during my last pregnancy and once post-partum that was absolutely transformative. I only wish I had known about her sooner!

Also, my 70-year old mother-in-law credits Morgyn completely with “curing” her debilitatingsciatica pain, which she had been treating with pain medications and chiropractic adjustments.

In a nutshell, go to Morgyn for any of your fitness and bodywork needs- you will not be disappointed and will positively be inspired.”-Tessa H, business owner 


"I have believed in massage for years and have been to many practitioners. Morgyn Danae is truly unique with her many certifications. I have never experienced deep tissue work and relaxation at the same time like this. Awesome!" -Dan Carr, personal trainer, athlete, business owner

The Thai massage Morgyn gave me was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. It was amazing! Morgyn got into those deep spots that were painful for me and I was much more limber by the next day. I will definitely be returning to her.”Jen Dean, mother, owner of Jen Dean Photography

"Her knowledge and kindness make a perfect pairing in a healer who lets you live your life but can gently guide you into better, healthier practices to take care of yourself. Running two businesses is stressful. There’s just no escaping it.
I recommend working with Morgyn to anyone who is looking for managing their hectic lives.  She’s just been a blessing.”-Meredith Alexander, fashion designer/installation artist, business owner 

“I initially called Morgyn about an issue my husband was having with a severe clogged ear and neck pain. I heard from a mutual friend that she performed a very specific type of massage called Lomi lomi which might be a more intense and healing type of massage for my husband’s issue but also extremely therapeutic. 
After seeing his remarkable improvement, I decided to see Morgyn for a post-natal massage which managed to reset my entire body.
I allowed myself to make the appointment after getting over the guilt and simply let Morgyn take over. It was wonderful to be cared for in a way that no one else really can. I felt human again; my circulation was moving and I had an increase of energy afterward. One hour goes a very long way.
After Morgyn’s work, I’d wished I’d done it after my first birth and felt I’d really missed that part of the healing process.

In my house she is a miracle worker, and in others who we have introduced Morgyn to, I have heard nothing but accolades from everyone who has seen her.
Massage is a very personal thing and Morgyn manages to keep it personal and caring but is not intrusive or invasive. And she does it with such strength and power that it’s extremely effective.” Kristin Kopp, mother of 2 small children, business owner 

 “As a fitness instructor, I find my sessions with Morgyn help with muscle recovery after tough workouts and overall injury prevention.  Another benefit is that during a session, Morgyn helps me clue in to where I have muscle stiffness or soreness that I wasn’t even aware of and I can work on it on my own until our next visit to maintain and improve flexibility and stay injury free.
Morgyn does a great job at tailoring the session to what my body needs and how it’s responding and I appreciate the different techniques she uses to get maximum results.”-Kristi Van Ooyen, spinning instructor, marathon runner