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Your feet are a map of your body and sole…

Ancient artwork and writings reveal that reflexology was practiced in Egypt, China and India as far back as 2000 to 4000 years ago. It focuses on the feet, hands, and ears based on the “maps of the body” which each contains. These “maps” actually mirror all parts of the body including the spine, joints, internal organs, bones, and muscles. So receiving Reflexology during a full body massage actually boosts and improves the effectiveness of the work that’s being done.

 This is ideal if an area of the body is too injured to receive direct touch or if the client is frail or delicate such as a senior, for example. The corresponding area can be treated through the hands and feet! I generally focus the treatment on the feet. It is deeply relaxing and grounding at the same time.

*Reflexology can be a full session or added into a full body massage.