Postpartum Core & Trauma Recovery For Birth Workers

No live workshops scheduled at this time.

Do you have clients who are dealing with widespread core dysfunction issues and want basic tools to help them find healing?

For example:

  • diastasis recti (separation of the belly muscles), how to self-test, and what exercises to avoid and what to incorporate
  • proper c-section/major surgery recovery to prepare for a VBAC
  • weak core/pelvic floor
  • hernias
  • back/hip pain
  • incontinence
  • digestive issues
  • healing trauma

We’ll explore the holistic “core rehabilitation” specialization with a general overview of often untreated postpartum issues and their symptoms. Learn how to help build an even stronger “postpartum bridge” to better inform and support your clients to recover and reclaim their bodies and well-being for the long-term.

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