Personal Training for Mothers

“I see Morgyn for personal training and massage. She is a very unique trainer and has an encyclopedic yet intuitive understanding of anatomy, and especially (from my perspective) what kind of training mothers need post-partum, and throughout motherhood. Our workouts feel like a magical combination of strength-training, bellydance, yoga, plyometrics, and physical therapy.
I was already pretty serious about exercise , but I’d been feeling very out of balance with reoccurring minor injuries. Morgyn complements what I already do with training that focuses on my hips, core, and psoas that I had really left unaddressed post-partum. (I have three children, ages 6 to 12, so these issues of soreness, stiffness, and the need for strengthening and toning have been around for a while…)

I swear she has also taught me how to breathe again and how to really use my breath with movement, which helps me in so many ways, including stress reliefI feel so much more balanced and mindful of my body than I did before and look forward to continuing this journey. Thank you, Morgyn!!–Charu, marathon runner, mother of 3, business owner


One-on-One & Partner Training
(Online, House Call, Outdoors)

Free mini-consultation

Due to lack of support and information, the changes and/or imbalances from pregnancy and birth are often NEVER addressed causing mothers distress and poor health. You can heal no matter how many years later!

Postpartum care and follow up to ensure the education and health of mothers is sorely needed in the United States and all over the world. It can plant the seeds for a healthy, thriving society with strong physical vigor and sound mental health.

Modern society doesn’t offer this foundation but we can change that.

Customized Sessions include:

You also have the option of Therapeutic Massage (including online self-massage instruction) to complement your fitness training!

Research-proven benefits of exercise for mothers:

  •  Decreased risk of depression, aches, pains, stress
  •  Proper posture, alignment, muscle balance
  •  Strength for holding your infant for prolonged periods

What will you learn?

  • proper breathing for core and pelvic floor, stress reduction, stamina
  • develop core and pelvic floor strength, stamina, stability, overall toning
  • tools to attain and maintain healthy weight
  • dance movement techniques to increase freedom of movement and expression
  • support and information for self-care and stress reduction
  • proper body mechanics for injury treatment and prevention
  • meditation/visualization techniques

In our culture, postpartum is traditionally considered to be the first 6-8 weeks after giving birth. In some traditional cultures, the mother and baby are secluded, sheltered, protected, and nurtured for the first 40 days postpartum with emphasis on the mother because her health is their foundation.