CAMTC California LMT License #83223
Florida LMT License #MA 84884

I offer an eclectic, complementary variety of holistic, therapeutic massage styles. Here is a very brief summary of each one.

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Abdominal Massage for Women

Sessions include massage with breathwork and energy work. Learn how to breath properly and enjoy a variety of benefits including improved digestion, emotional balance, and the reduction or elimination of abdominal scar tissue (INCLUDING C-SECTION BIRTH RECOVERY). Includes a self-care routine. I incorporate Chi Nei Tsang (CNT), a powerful, ancient Chinese Taoist healing art (also called Integrated Internal Organ Massage).

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

An age-old, traditional Hawaiian massage approach with a spiritual foundation. Lomi Lomi is great for the whole family and all walks of life! It is also called “loving hands massage” and “prayer work” and is highly effective and versatile. Lomi Lomi addresses a wide range of needs from relaxation, detoxification, sports, and deep tissue.

Low Back/Hip Pain & Alignment

Address issues of “stuckness”, stiffness, and pain in the hips, lower back, and pelvic girdle. Each session is customized to your specific needs and concerns. We incorporate breath work, gentle psoas muscle release work (aka “muscle swimming”), Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga… Basically, the techniques that will be most effective for you at the time.


Enjoy a respite from the aches, pains, and feeling of that can accompany pregnancy. Bask in this peaceful, sacred time with your baby and tune into your body and her needs for balance and healing.


Replenish and rejuvenate from the hard work of childbirth and caring for your child’s needs. We can address your recovery and what nurtures you back to wholeness and comfort in your body.  This includes scar tissue massage for c-section recovery and instruction for self-massage as a gentle bridge back to your belly and your body. This support applies to all mothers post-pregnancy including women with grown children. (Includes Low Back/Hip Pain & Alignment )

Thai Yoga Massage for Women

Rejuvenating yet soothing, this ancient folk art from Thailand combines assisted stretching, yoga, compression massage, and breath work on a futon mat or massage table. Wear yoga clothes for this interactive session. I invite you to check out my YouTube video on that page so you can get a better idea of what a session looks like.

Thai Yoga/Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fusion

Receive the best of both forms of bodywork with Lomi Lomi’s detailed focus on neck, shoulders, back, and legs and Thai Yoga’s assisted stretching and compression massage for relief for the hips and an incredible increase in overall flexibility.


With a focus on the whole foot and how it reflects the map of the body, both externally and internally, the touch from reflexology is grounding, nourishing, and can pinpoint healing for areas of the body that may not be accessible to direct touch (such as after an injury).