woman with her back turned holding her lower back in pain

We can create the most effective personal program for you with one or a combination of these options: CORE RECOVERY & STRENGTH, BELLYDANCE THERAPY, THAI YOGA MASSAGE, LOMI LOMI MASSAGE.

"Hip & Back Pain...GONE! I went to see Morgyn because I struggled with re-occurring lower back & hip pain. I would consistently go to my chiropractor when I went into crisis mode, but it would only help temporarily. Morgyn diagnosed my issue as relating to my psoas muscle.
I went through a six week therapeutic muscle-massage program and learned about different stretches and breath work that helped to strengthen my lower back and hip muscles. I just completed the program and am feeling so rejuvenated! The tightness I struggled with, along with the feeling of having a much shorter leg than the other, has been resolved...I feel FABULOUS! Thank you Morgyn, for allowing me to feel comfort again."

-Maria Locke - mother of 3, business owner

“After I gave birth and my pelvic bones went back into place, they trapped my left hip joint making it very hard for it to move and making it awkward for me to exercise or even walk some days! I used Morgyn’s amazing services: bellydance therapy, exercise, and massage to help ‘unlock’ my issue. It only took about 4 weeks to get back on track and I had been suffering through the issue for over a year!”-Kate Fitzner, mother, entrepeneur

I started seeing Morgyn when my youngest turned 1.5, and I wish I did it sooner. I’ve learned so much about basic self-care, which gets overlooked when you are busy with the little ones. The help I received went beyond the customized training plan she created for me, or the C-section scar tissue massage, or the fun bellydance moves. She helped me on my healing journey and encouraged me to stay motivated and make being active a part of my life.
Morgyn has a unique combination of talents and approaches healing from many angles. And her massages are amazing!”
-Bina, mother, working professional