Dance Your Recovery Story


As part of my own recovery, I explored my feelings and life story and created 2 choreographies that depicted various stages of my healing process. In 2016, I performed the first one, “My Healing Journey: From Severe Depression to Creative Expression” and the second in 2017, “A Breath of Fresh Air” (accompanied by a live percussionist), to audiences of 300 people at the statewide mental health conference, the HOPE Conference, in Maine. This workshop is based on the workshop that I taught there in 2017.

WORKSHOP (may be 90min, 2hrs, or 3hrs)

Learning Objectives:

  1. develop a deeper connection to own recovery process and self-expression through movement/dance
  2. explore performance while helping to create a safe space
  3. tips for creating own recovery dance

Brief description:

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
-Dr. Maya Angelou

Do you want to explore and tell your recovery story through dance? Dance has been used for storytelling since ancient times in cultures all over the world. It is both a way to help heal yourself and to share your unique story within community.

Explore your recovery process and learn some basic tools of dance movement to create your own original recovery dance in a safe, uplifting environment. We learn from each other’s journeys. We’ll do fun, gentle movement to wake up, stretch, and connect to your body and the music. Open your heart and mind and inspire your creativity! All levels are welcome and no formal dance training is required (“Dance for Trauma Recovery” is a required pre-requisite).

What to wear/bring:  comfortable clothing to move in and a water bottle and pen/notebook.