Dance Therapy

Individual sessions in 8 Session Programs Uplifting, supportive sessions that help you feel a positive connection to feel good in your body and have a fun time doing it. They are customized to your needs, and often, we uncover any roots in trauma over time (ex. depression, anxiety, emotional pain, fears/phobias, body image, blocks to dancing coordination, physical issues such as low back/hip pain, digestion). (You can renew and continue or choose 1 session at a time.)  BOOK HERE


Bellydance Therapy

Mother-Daughter Dance Journey (with Tweens and Teens)

Dance for Trauma Recovery

Dance Your Recovery Story

Dancing Life to the Beat of Your Own Drum (my blog)

Turquoise Grasshopper Productions (Performance)

BOTH SESSIONS & WORKSHOPS integrate guided meditation/prayer, breathwork, grounding with Mother Earth, check-in, core connection, dance movement, awareness/reflection exercises, and we use various tools like stability ball as needed.

There’s a framework foundation yet I always tailor it depending on needs. We talk but rely a lot on the expression through movement and breath.I do a lot of “listening”/observing and there’s always homework and journaling, support for a self-care practice which may include a dance movement practice (therapeutic, not necessarily choreography or skills-based). 

Dance is special in that it helps us to connect our hearts and bodies with the spirit and medicine of the music and rhythms. It has its own vibration. It's a natural self-expression that goes back to the beginning of human history and has always been a form of medicine and community celebration all over the world.

We often feel disconnected from our bodies and each other in this modern culture, especially when we've experienced trauma, abuse, or going through difficult times. Dance can be both a personal and a partner or group experience.

DANCE AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: My deep passion is to go outside in nature to dance and pray. Dancing or dance-walking are powerful expressions for reducing stress and increasing happiness, fitness, and overall well-being. This is the foundation for my own personal self-care dance therapy practice.

Proper form, posture, and breath is always important for safety and effectiveness. In addition to building balance, strength, stamina, agility, and confidence, dance helps us develop grace, coordination, and rhythm. It allows us to express our own unique way of moving and experiencing our bodies and souls.

Video Description: I was honored and blessed to be interviewed by wonderful artist and art activist, Niki Lopez, about my personal recovery process from mental illness and sexual abuse/trauma, and professional work as a dance therapist specializing in healing trauma, mental health, and the divine feminine. 

Niki Lopez, based at the 1310 Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, is a prolific artist, art activist, mother, community organizer, and thriver, survivor, advocate for survivors of trauma, sexual, and cult abuse. Read more to learn about her incredible art and powerful story of healing.

*TRIGGER ALERT: this article deals with issues of sexual abuse and cult abuse.