Dance for Trauma Recovery


WORKSHOP (may be 90min, 2hrs, or 3hrs)

Learning Objectives:

  1. proper breathing/breath work techniques as coping tools and for overall health/fitness
  2. positive mind-body awareness, connection, and grounding
  3. basic dance movement for self-expression and recovery

Brief description:

I originally taught this workshop at the 2017 statewide mental health HOPE Conference at the Augusta Civic Center. It was dedicated to the life and music of Chris Cornell. May he rest in peace.

Do you enjoy dancing? Do you want to dance but feel self-conscious? Dance is a natural self-expression that goes back to the beginning of human history. It has always been a form of medicine and community celebration all over the world. We often feel disconnected from our bodies and each other in this modern culture, especially when we've experienced trauma, abuse, or going through difficult times. Learn some basic tools for connecting with your body and healing your mind in a safe, fun space. All levels are welcome and no training is required.

What to wear/bring: comfortable clothing to move in, water bottle, notebook/pen, yoga mat or blanket