Core Healing & Strength

HAVE YOU LOVED YOUR BELLY TODAY? Now is the perfect time to start loving your belly and your body, regardless of what it looks like or how you feel about that. Regardless of what you have to heal, it's your sacred center of personal power, physical strength, movement, and wisdom. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN HERO.

As a DANCE THERAPIST, I recognize the need for a healthy core in order to dance and live life with safety and freedom.

This program can help women of all ages, whether you’re a mother or not.
CORE STRENGTH & HEALING is a component of WELLNESS COACHING with me. I offer a full spectrum of core strength training. Based on your needs, you have the option to start in a very gentle program to heal all the way to great strength and stamina for dance and an active lifestyle. 

ONLINE (zoom) and LOCAL (outdoors in yard or park) (indoor house calls resume post-quarantine-South Orange County, CA)


This service includes a choice of customized combination of services to help you dance your life with freedom and confidence.
*CORRECTIVE EXERCISE is a blend of personal fitness training with physical therapy. It teaches you how to move with the correct muscles, enabling fluid joint movement and the potential avoidance of nearly any joint or muscle pain.”
(James Goodlatte, founder of Fit For Birth)
Committing to do this work can help you to come back healthier, stronger, and more connected to your center than ever. We connect to that powerful center which is so often overlooked in our culture unless it’s for an image or to please others. 

Maybe you had a hysterectomy, tummy tuck, or some other abdominal surgery many years ago. If you're a mother, your child may be 2, 5-years-old or even 30-years-old. If you never got the education and support to heal after birth and/or surgery, you can NOW, if you’re willing to do the work. It’s never too late to heal. 

PURCHASE E-COURSE "Healing Diastasis Recti: Your Foundation" (pre-recorded, work at your own pace)
DR may be more common than you think. You are not alone! Surgery is not the only option available for healing this challenging core condition, even after many years. Get a basic understanding of this complex issue and your core, learn how to test yourself for DR and chart your progress.


This is often a symptom of a weak core, c-section, other abdominal surgeries, and diastasis recti (DR ie. separation of the belly muscles) pelvic stiffness, poor digestion including constipation, bloating, and incontinence. You’ll learn about healthy lifestyle habits for core/belly health and which exercises to avoid, along with specialized exercises to “knit” your core back together, as nature intended.


C-SECTION BIRTH & ABDOMINAL SURGERY RECOVERY (ex. tummy tuck, hysterectomy, hip replacement)
C-section is birth first but it is also major surgery for which there is often no follow-up postpartum recovery education or services offered. 

We build your toolkit for recovery which includes scar tissue massage and guided meditation/visualization. I work on balancing the internal organs and teach self-massage for that area to reduce and eliminate scar numbness, pain, digestive issues, and frequently, the disconnection you may feel from your belly.

The massage and specialized deep core strengthening exercises and meditation aids the reconnection of the muscles, tissues, and nerves and balancing of the internal organs that is necessary for this rehabilitation. 

We need core strength and awareness in order to dance with true freedom and safety. You can opt to progress to DANCE THERAPY when you have the necessary strength and safety in your movement.