C-Section Recovery Toolkit


I also offer this C-Section Recovery combination of services in private sessions-both online. (Local house calls will resume when the quarantine/social distancing period ends.)

Offerings include: personal training/core rehab, bellydance therapy, and massage/abdominal scar tissue massage
(Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, CA areas)

CAMTC California LMT License #83223
Florida LMT License #MA 84884  


Learning Objectives:

  1. Overall understanding of impacts of c-section birth surgery
  2. Basic tools for recovery: healing the belly/internal organs, core/pelvic floor, and loving re-connection with your belly and body
  3. Increased strength, wellness, freedom of movement

Do you want relief from any of these symptoms: low back and/or hip pain, numbness/pain around your incision scar, abdominal weakness, incontinence, poor digestion, and trauma?

Gently reconnect with your body, even many years after birth (including grandmothers), and learn about basic tools for recovery after c-section birth which is also major surgery.


  • scar tissue/abdominal self-massage instruction with healing treatments
  • guided meditation/visualization
  • basic introductory breathwork/corrective exercises for core rehabilitation

**Must be at least 6-8 weeks postpartum and have caregiver’s consent if early postpartum. Can also be many years after birth.**

What to bring/wear: water bottle, comfortable clothing (drawstring or elastic waist pants), yoga mat, blanket, pen/pencil and notebook

All sales are final for the webinars. Please be certain you are purchasing the intended service or product. You can reach me through my contact page for questions. Thank you! Morgyn