Bellydance Therapy

Video Description: Instruction for figure 8 movements for connecting into the core, pelvis, and alignment of the spine and hips. Excellent for low back/hip pain and healing, balancing and strengthening the abdominals, pelvic floor, iliopsoas ("psoas"), and quadratus laborum (QL ) muscles.

I offer webinars, workshops, and private sessions, both online and in person (post-quarantine). We can also incorporate bellydance therapy into Wellness Training sessions depending on your needs and preferences. 

“After I gave birth and my pelvic bones went back into place, they trapped my left hip joint making it very hard for it to move and making it awkward for me to exercise or even walk somedays! I used Morgyn’s amazing services with exercise, bellydance therapy, and massage to help ‘unlock’ my issue. It only took about 4 weeks to get back on track and I had been suffering through the issue for over a year!”-Kate Fitzner, mother of toddler, entrepeneur

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Bellydance is a healing and powerful form of movement. It can unlock stuck energy and movement in the abdominals, hips, pelvis, back, and breath and allow the natural life force of sensuality to flow thus increasing vibrancy, joy, and confidence. It is beautiful as expressed by women of all ages, in all walks of life, and all body shapes and sizes.

Bellydance movement is very balancing and strengthening for the core in general and the psoas, which is a deep pelvic muscle that strongly affects our back and posture.

Focus is on encouraging body awareness, self-confidence, self-expression, freedom of movement, stress reduction, and trauma recovery through this graceful, powerful feminine form of dance movement.

Proper form, posture, and breath is always important for safety and effectiveness. In addition to building balance, strength, stamina, agility, and confidence, dance helps us develop grace, coordination, and rhythm. One of the unique gifts of dance is that it opens the heart to a relationship between our bodies and the music.

This is sacred feminine sensuality and sexuality which uplifts and empowers girls and women and can also bring healing to male energy.

The bellydance workshops incorporate the healing, feminine movements of bellydance. Stretching, breathwork, and a relaxing and rejuvenating guided meditation are all elements that are incorporated depending on the time format.

As a core healing and strength specialist in fitness and massage, I include specific information as needed. By request, I’ll also share a dance performance followed by fun music for a dance-along with your new moves!

It’s such a beautiful sight to see a group of women smiling and feeling relaxed and connected to their hearts and bodies. Often they arrive feeling stressed and unclear about how they can heal. Then they become so open, joyful, and focused. Witnessing and being a part of the sense of community and the discovery and growth that takes place is always a truly blissful experience for me as an instructor.

Have a fun, nourishing time celebrating yourselves and your beauty as women!