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What I am is a core rehabilitation specialist, fitness/corrective exercise trainer, dancer, dance healer, massage therapist, and thriving mental health advocate after being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and overcoming adult mental illness. I have a major passion for feminine (all ages), maternal, and public health. My goal is to help women to love and honor themselves, their bodies, and their unique stories and beauty. I want to help create a culture of women who are connected to their hearts, their passions, their deepest dreams and truths and who support each other and contribute to a healthier world for all.

What you find on this website is my original work, from words to photography to video (unless stated otherwise) and I often put in long hours. Everything I have written on this website took research, time and effort and may not be reproduced or reprinted in any way without written permission. This also applies to photos, videos, and graphics. I ask that you please be understanding and forgiving for any typo and grammatical errors; I love editing but may miss a detail here or there.

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Please remember friends - I am a real person! I have real feelings, and so do the other readers and commenters on this website, so please act respectfully. Rudeness, shaming, fake news, self promotion, and aggressive behavior is NOT welcome on this website. Disagreement and respectful conversation is always welcome. However, if you are becoming a problem, I will ban you. If you don’t like something I’ve said or written, disagree respectfully and preferably with sources so we can BOTH LEARN, and I’ll extend you the same courtesy.

The goal of Morgyn Danae Wellness® is to empower, uplift and support other women and men (each as self-identified), girls and boys, moms and dads, so any personal attacks, judgments based on parenting decisions, harassing comments or name calling will most certainly get you banned. 

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