Thank you so much for your interest!

If you’re interested in private sessions, I offer a free 15 min phone consultation to see if this work is a good fit for you. This is a one-time offer but if there is a no call/no show, you can pre-pay $15 to re-schedule.

You have the option of a customized program of ongoing 60 minute personal training/core rehab sessions or a stand-alone 30 or 60 minute consultation with me. We can find a time together and you just make payment via venmo @MorgynDanae to schedule any appointment. 😊

CONSULTATIONS via whatsapp or zoom video call

Ask questions, receive tips and guidance specific to your individual condition and situation, and find out if ongoing private, customized work with me is right for you at this time. This does not include a workout program or PDF homework. 

30 minutes=$40

60 minutes=$80


If you choose ongoing sessions, I generally recommend a minimum of a 6-8 week program, if possible, but we can create the plan that is manageable for you. Regular sessions begin with a required 90 minute Intake/Assessment and sessions are 60 minutes. Payment is per session at time of scheduling.

90 minute Intake/Assessment (pre-requisite)                                 $150 
(includes discussion of your background, concerns, issues, goals, physical assessment, guidance, homework, customized program design and PDF summary/instructions) 

60 minute Core Rehab/Personal Fitness/Wellness Training            $100
(includes information, self-care/lifestyle guidance, customized core rehab, fitness, and/or wellness training routine and homework, instruction, ongoing assessment during sessions throughout process with PDF homework updates)