coconuts“My first Thai massage with Morgyn was the best yoga class/stretching/massage experience all wrapped into one amazing session. Her deep knowledge of different techniques along with her intuitive nature for her clients needs is truly a special combination. I send all my loved ones to Morgyn for massage.”

-MaryBeth, mother of 2 small children

Thai Yoga Massage, also referred to as “assisted yoga”, developed in Thailand about 3000 years ago. A meditative, rejuvenating ancient folk healing art and form of bodywork with roots in traditional Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian medicine, and yoga, it is still popular today in Thailand. It is  wonderful for alleviating the stresses of modern life and is now gaining popularity in the United States.

Thai Yoga Massage is excellent for people in all stages of life…

It can be especially helpful for people who are recovering from trauma and/or injury or if they’ve been inactive and need help with regaining flexibility, agility, and feeling safe with movement in their bodies.

This incorporation of assisted stretching, compression, pressure points, and breath also make it a perfect complement to any fitness or physical training routine; yoga practitioners, dancers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts and professionals, and anyone that does physically demanding work.

It is excellent after a personal training session. I offer special packages combining personal training with Thai Massage.  Adding on 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes can really increase the benefits of the work you’ve just done. Benefits include assisting recovery, reducing soreness, preventing injury, and increasing flexibility.

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Why offer Thai Yoga Massage specifically for women?

This form of bodywork is grounding and balancing for the hip, pelvic, and sacral region (the “pelvic girdle”). The pelvic girdle is originally a place of power for women but, due to widespread factors such as stress, body image shame, and trauma, including sexual abuse, it can be a region that gets “locked up” holding both physical and emotional tension and pain. The sense of safety created in these sessions allows for a self-awareness and agility that may have seemed even impossible beforehand.

It is really effective for mothers in regaining alignment, relieving stiffness and soreness, and reclaiming healthy movement after pregnancy and birth and then the impact of child rearing. Oftentimes these impacts are not addressed postpartum, however, these issues can still be addressed even years after the children are grown up.

Sessions will soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, and boost your immune system while leaving your body feeling lighter, more flexible, and with a greater ease and freedom of movement.

Sessions take place on a traditional futon mat on the floor. Thai on the Table is also offered when needed. Clients are fully clothed for Thai Yoga Massage. No oil is used.

**Please wear comfortable yoga-like attire for your bodywork session.