Prenatal Massage: Healing for Mama and Baby

The perfect opportunity to take time out to nourish and replenish yourself! Massage can provide stress relief and healing relaxation. It also reduces and even eliminates the aches and pains associated with pregnancy amidst all of the changes within and demands on your body as you carry and nurture a new life. It also allows you to make deeper contact with your own body while bonding with your baby.

I am certified in Prenatal/Postpartum Massage and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and have trained as a massage doula and childbirth educator. I combine this training to create a sacred and nurturing experience for mama and baby in this time that can be both magical and challenging.

Mothers often share that they notice that their babies also really enjoy the massage. With mothers to whom I have given regular pregnancy massage, I have experienced newborns responding to and seemingly recognizing my voice during their mom’s postpartum massages!

pregnant woman Hawaiian

By Hawaiian artist, Sidney Filson (

“Above is the beautiful goddess HAUMEA.  Known as the Earth Mother, Goddess of Fertility, and Protector of Pregnant Women. A painting of Haumea is said to be the perfect lucky wedding gift. Haumea’s likeness in a newlyweds’ home is said to ensure blessings of a bountiful and fruitful married life with healthy children. Prolific Haumean oversees Earth’s gardens.” Fierce goddess, PELE, is one of the daughters of Haumea. It is said that Pele was birthed through Haumea’s mouth.