Postpartum Massage:

Recover and Replenish

postpartum massage with baby

Postpartum massage assists mothers in recovery and replenishment after giving birth. It can be a vital part of the healing process as a woman walks through the tremendous transformation that comes with motherhood. It allows for a peaceful time to find balance for the self and therefore for meeting the demands of parenting and being present to your little one/s.

You have the option to bring your newborn baby to the session. I’ve worked with newborns and mamas on the table together many times; baby is nestled against mama’s breast in a protective cocoon of propping pillows while we work with the side-lying position.

Indian midwifeThe art of postpartum massage can include supporting hormonal balance, assisting the uterus to shrink back to normal size, and addressing or prevention of postpartum depression. C-section birth recovery and scar reduction massage, including instruction for self-massage, is a part of the healing services offered.

It is much more than a pampering luxury! Therapeutic massage can be a fundamental aspect of the postpartum healing process. In many traditional cultures, it is an essential aspect of care for mothers after childbirth.



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