Abdominal Massage for Women

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced “chee-nay-sahng”) or CNT is an ancient Taoist Chinese form of bodywork and healing art combining abdominal massage with breath and energy work to clear the organs of toxins, toxic emotions, and energy blocks. It can gently work on the surface of the belly as well as working deep into the internal organs all the while promoting deep, centering breathing. Sessions include relaxing instruction on self-care (breath work and self-massage).
One session is beneficial but 2-6 sessions (at least) are highly recommended.

 What are the benefits of CNT?

  • excellent for digestive issues
  • breaks down scar tissue from various causes such as surgery (including cesarean section birth) and injuries
  • detoxifies the internal organs
  • clears away emotional trauma and blockage
  • activates lymphatic flow
  • soothes tension in the belly
  • improves mood and mental clarity
  • supports a strong immune system
  • NOT for pregnant women

I was introduced to and studied Chi Nei Tsang in Tucson, Arizona with Allison Post who wrote the book, “Unwinding the Belly”. It is based on the principles of CNT but she creates her own style in a very user-friendly interpretation that makes for easy self-care.

CNT negative organsCNT chart

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