I specialize in core, pelvic floor, and connecting with your belly and hips as a Core Rehabilitation Specialist. We connect to that powerful center which is so often overlooked in our culture unless it’s for an image or to please others. Core rehab can help women of all ages, whether you’re a mother or not. And as a mother, your child may be 2-year-5-years-old or even 30-years-old but if you never got the education and support to heal after birth, you can NOW, if you’re willing to do the work. It’s never too late to heal.

My purpose and commitment is to address and offer the care and support you need and seek.

In our culture, postpartum is traditionally considered to be the first 6-8 weeks after giving birth. In some traditional cultures, the mother and baby are secluded, sheltered, protected, and nurtured for the first 40 days postpartum. 

postpartum mother baby hut

In India, the highly skilled traditional midwives, the “dai”, bathe, massage, and feed the mother ensuring that her womb and belly heal properly and that her full health and vigor is restored before she takes on the full-time job of childrearing. Learn more about the wisdom of the dai and the discrimination against them.

Indian midwife

With c-section recovery, I work on the scar tissue and teach self-massage for that area to reduce and eliminate scar numbness, pain, and frequently, the disconnection you may feel from your belly. We also address back and hip pain which is often a result of c-section birth which is also major surgery because there is no follow-up therapeutic recovery work generally offered. The massage and specialized deep core strengthening and reconnection of the muscles, tissues, and nerves is necessary for this rehabilitation.

We also address diastasis recti or the split in the belly muscles, pelvic stiffness, poor digestion including constipation, bloating, and incontinence. Women start to blossom when they can get in touch with and appreciate this area of their bodies instead of ignoring it and/or constantly judging it and feeling so much anxiety about the way they look. The core, belly, hips, spine, are the foundation of the body so being strong and healthy means that your posture and movement is free and strong and brings self-confidence and a sense of your own unique beauty.

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