Dancing Life to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Dancing Life to the Beat of Your Own Drum-Morgyn Danae Wellness

“If you hit a wall, climb over it, crawl under it, or dance on top of it."-Unknown                                                                       

Dance is everywhere in our culture, often organized in classes, performances, and entertainment in the media. Some people don’t like to dance but many eventually love it once they feel safe and less self-conscious. There’s a common belief in our culture that dancing is only for special, highly trained and extra talented individuals. But dance as a natural expression of daily life is in the roots of human culture throughout history and enjoyed globally by all generations.

I dance for the joy of it. I’m happiest when I don’t care what others think, when attention and approval don’t matter. The challenge is to focus on the sheer sense of freedom, release, expression, celebration; like a meditation, stepping inside of the music and the rhythm, allowing it to lead me.

Why don’t most people dance down the street? I do. Usually by myself. I was delighted to later discover that dance walking was a “thing”. 

Why is it considered normal to watch others perform, but not move our own bodies?

Have you ever turned up the music and just danced your heart out? How about with your kids or loved ones? How did they respond?

This is a public health issue. Everywhere you look, people are unhappy, stressed, angry, frazzled; even little children. What is going on? The dangerous foreign invader that we keep missing is the epidemic of fear we’re carrying inside.

What if instead of fighting with themselves and others, people chose to turn up the music and sing or dance? 

Dancing can also help eliminate depression more than aerobic exercise or listening to music. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine considered 11 different physical activities. Researchers found that dancers have a sharper mind and are at a lower risk of developing brain disease in the long term than non-dancers. Dancing was the only activity of the 11 studied that lowered the risk of dementia by at least 76 percent.

I am a dancer. I dance because it comes from and nourishes my soul. I have to dance so I weave dance throughout my life. I make that effort because it made me miserable to deny myself this joy and the happiness of generally being myself.


Even if it’s just for 5 minutes? It doesn’t matter what it is. Dancing is just an example. Try something different! What have you always wanted to try but felt like you couldn’t because of what others might think?

My point is simply that we can BE OURSELVES and DO WHAT MAKES US HAPPY in the context of our lives right now.  Hiding your true self and stuffing your truth is sure to make you sick and unhappy. I know because I’ve been there myself and I now know there is another choice.

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