Hip/Low Back Pain & Alignment

hip pain“After I gave birth and my pelvic bones went back into place, they trapped my left hip joint making it very hard for it to move and making it awkward for me to exercise or even walk some days! I used Morgyn’s amazing services both massage and exercise to help ‘unlock’ my issue. It only took about 4 weeks to get back on track and I had been suffering through the issue for over a year!”

-Kate Fitzner, mother of a toddler, entrepeneur

The BEST WAY to create your own PERSONALIZED PLAN is to schedule an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION with me. TOGETHER we will create the most effective program for you!

In order to receive the kind of positive results that Kate had, consider combining a variety of services to fully address your own concerns and issues for optimum health. Some options are listed for you. JUST CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW. You’re welcome to browse through the website for more details about my services.





Customized Massage

We will address your specific hip and back issues based on our initial consultation and on-going assessments. As a licensed massage therapist, I customize each session to your needs; a variety of massage styles may be incorporated to address the back and pelvis including Thai Yoga Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, “muscle swimming”(iliopsoas aka”psoas”/hip flexor/abdominal work), Scar Tissue Reduction, Reflexology, and Breath work.



PP Personal Training crop 2Personal Training & Bellydance Therapy

As a NASM/Fit For Birth certified personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist and a bellydance instructor, I offer a strong focus on building core and pelvic floor strength, proper breathing, posture, coordination and flexibility. Corrective exercise is a combination of fitness training with physical therapy. We incorporate functional fitness with bellydance movements and therapeutic stretching that help align, open, strengthen, and decrease pain, discomfort, and “stuckness” in the spine, hips, belly, and breath.

Thai Yoga MassagePersonal Training/Massage Combo

Enjoy tremendous benefits from the highly effective combination of personal training and therapeutic massage/bodywork.



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