Morgyn Danae . . .

In the late 1990’s in Tucson, Arizona, I began studying and practicing the ancient Chinese Taoist healing art of Chi Nei Tsang (“Integrated Internal Organ Massage”). It gave me a powerful self-care practice of breath work and abdominal self-massage. I worked with friends and family supporting them with digestive, body image, and trauma issues.

Around that time, I was also beginning to blossom as a spiritual bellydancer, performing regularly around town and teaching bellydance as a healing art for women. It was a turning point for me as I was just claiming my walk as an artist and a young woman finding self-love and healing with a history of trauma and very low self-esteem.

While training in CNT, I had the vision that I would someday combine these modalities of breath work, massage, and bellydance in a sacred divine feminine space to support women to come into their bellies and hips, into their sense of beauty, self-love, and self-value. Healing Oasis Studio in 2013 in Portland, Maine was first full manifestation of that dream. After relocating back to Miami in 2017, I am building in this vibrant international community as well as online while taking this vision out into the world and sharing it wherever I am guided by the Creator.

I find great joy sharing the magic and healing of dance, movement, and “loving touch” as a personal/fitness trainer, dance therapist, massage therapist, and performer.

I am passionate about public, holistic, preventive health FOR ALL, rooted in self-care and accessible education and training.

I’m committed to supporting people, especially women and mothers, to find, nurture, and celebrate their health and beauty through dance-infused personal training, massage, and dance/self-care workshops.

I received my massage license in Miami, Florida in 2004 where I’ve studied Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga Massage, Trauma Resolution, Pregnancy/Postpartum massage, and Infant Massage Instruction.  I also practice Reflexology and, as I mentioned, Chi Nei Tsang (Integrated Internal Organ Massage), an ancient Chinese Taoist abdominal massage modality integrating breath and energy work.

Since 2003, I’ve collaborated with professionals in the vibrant birthing and women’s health community in Miami and Southern Florida, also training as a massage doula and Birthing From Within childbirth education mentor. Instead of becoming certified and practicing in these fields as a birthworker, I decided instead to integrate my knowledge and experience with fitness and massage and specialize in postpartum care. I went on to become a certified personal trainer (CPT) with NASM and group fitness instructor in 2010. I ran my full practice out of The Trauma Resolution Center (TRC), a leading innovative, holistic non-profit community mental health center.

In 2010 in Miami, after a hiatus of several years due to transition and person obstacles, I returned to my beloved path of teaching “healing dance” again for clients and staff at TRC. In addition, I had the opportunity to do personal training and teach self-care classes and workshops: breathwork, abdominal self-massage, yoga, and dance movement workshops for the TRC community and various non-profit employees.

With a solid background, I was ready to study with the holistic, cutting edge organization, Fit For Birth, and become certified as a Prenatal/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2012, realizing a long-held dream of offering these complementary/interdisciplinary services to women in all stages of life. In 2016, I received their certification as a Core and Diastasis Consultant. All of these studies helped me create my approach as a Core Rehabilitation & Belly/Pelvic Health Specialist for women including those who are not mothers.

On a personal note: I love to dance, meditate and pray, listen to music, play and live outdoors, bask in warmth and sunshine, enjoy quality time with friends and family, learn new ways to move and heal my body, stretch, practice yoga, bicycle, swim, hike, write, read, travel, learn/practice languages, prepare and share good food, thrift shop, interior/furniture design, garden, and enjoy all things connected with the ocean and warm water.

Take Heart: My Own Healing Journey

“Healer, heal thyself.” These are wise words to live by; they have saved my life. I’m sharing my story to remind you that you are not alone and that you have a path of healing and growth to unfold for yourself. We are all healers in some way and our most fundamental job is to find and love ourselves and share that love.

Happenin Hafla 11.2.13My Relationship to Dance

I define a dancer as someone who wants and has to dance. The rest is the individual’s personal journey. I invite you into my world to share the blissful magic of dance and its medicine. I believe it can help save the soul of the world.