“I see Morgyn for personal training and massage. She is a very unique trainer and has an encyclopedic yet intuitive understanding of anatomy, and especially (from my perspective) what kind of training mothers need. Our workouts feel like a magical combination of strength-training, bellydance, yoga, plyometrics, and physical therapy – with the added bonus that they are almost always at the beach and IN the ocean! (When it’s raining, we work at my home. She also offers house calls and sessions in her studio.) I love that she really integrates the ocean and our beautiful beach in my workouts with bodywork I can do in the water. Her ocean running training is making me a better and happier runner – it is so rejuvenating. AND her massages are incredible. I feel so much more balanced and mindful of my body than I did before and look forward to continuing this journey. Thank you, Morgyn!!”

-Charu, mother of 3, business owner