Prenatal Services for a healthy, fit pregnancy…

pregnant goddess

All living beings are created on and sustained by Mother Earth. A human life is created and begins life in the body of a woman…

I offer holistic, interdisciplinary support to all women and mothers in every stage of life from pre-conception through pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout motherhood. Prenatal support is positive birth preparation and an investment in your postpartum recovery.

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Prenatal Massage

The perfect opportunity to take time out to nourish and replenish yourself! Massage can provide stress relief and healing relaxation. It can also reduce or even eliminate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy amidst all of the changes within and demands on your body as you carry and nurture a new life.

Prenatal Personal Training

Individualized attention and support for a fit, healthy pregnancy, preparation for labor and birth, solid foundation for postpartum recovery, prevention of diastasis recti (“mommy tummy”), and strength and stamina for parenting.


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