Dance Movement

dance fitness classDANCE MOVEMENT adds another dimension to movement for fitness. Proper form, posture, and breath is always important for safety and effectiveness. But, in addition to building balance, strength, stamina, agility, and confidence, dance helps us develop grace, coordination, and rhythm. One of the unique gifts of dance is that it opens the heart to a relationship between our bodies and the music. My foundational training as a dancer is bellydance so it is infused into all that I teach; I know it to be a healing and powerful form of movement.

My Relationship to DanceHappenin Hafla 11.2.13

I define a dancer as someone who wants and has to dance. The rest is the individual’s personal journey. I invite you into my world to share the blissful magic of dance and its medicine. I believe it can help save the soul of the world. See “My Relationship to Dance” to read more.

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