Healing After C-Section
Dry skin brushing is an effective tool for self-care and recovery after c-section birth. It can increase circulation, remove dead skin, decrease infection, and assist healing by protecting an incision from developing ingrown hairs. Benefits of dry skin brushing include: Moves the lymph which flows down in the deep skin layer. Helps prevent or reduce ingrown hairs on or around the incision. Stimulates the skin’s oil glands maintaining healthy, functional skin. Stimulates circulation which helps
Helping Ourselves
“Suppose… the body is a God in its own right, a teacher, a mentor, a certified guide? Then what? …. Are we strong enough to refute the party line and listen deep, listen true to the body as a powerful and holy being?” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with the Wolves) Our bodies are a sacred gift that, when cared for, are a vital part of our ability to live life to the fullest
Dancing Life
  When was the last time you danced because you felt like it? How does it feel when you let yourself dance for no particular reason? Dance is everywhere in our culture, often organized in classes, performances, and entertainment in the media. Some people don’t like to dance but many eventually love it once they feel safe and less self-conscious. There’s a common belief in our culture that dancing is only for special, highly trained

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