Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Helping Ourselves

In our culture, postpartum is traditionally considered to be the first 6-8 weeks after giving birth. In some traditional cultures, the mother and baby are secluded, sheltered, protected, and nurtured for the first 40 days postpartum.

postpartum mother baby hut

In India, the highly skilled traditional midwives, the “dai”, bathe, massage, and feed the mother ensuring that her womb and belly heal properly and that her full health and vigor is restored before she takes on the full-time job of childrearing. Learn more about the wisdom of the dai and the discrimination against them.

Indian midwife

The first year postpartum, especially, can be a tender time of major physical changes as well as life changes. Frustration and even desperation can set in when mothers don’t have the skills and support to adapt to and cope with this major transformation. Without the family, community, and “village” structures in place, the health of families and often the postpartum mother is “falling through the cracks” of public health.

I’ve heard many stories of mothers whose health concerns such as diastasis recti (often called “mommy tummy”), incontinence, constipation, and depression are disregarded. Without proper education and support, women may not know what solution to pursue, or if a solution exists at all. These issues are often brushed aside, never to be addressed as the demands of parenting take hold.

Breath work, meditation, healing movement, therapeutic touch, healing foods, proper hydration, and a positive lifestyle are all tools I’d like to offer you that can help you to find your strength and balance. Cesarean section birth recovery and scar reduction massage, including instruction for self-massage, is a part of the healing services offered.

So from another perspective, POSTPARTUM refers to ALL mothers who have given birth. My purpose and commitment is to address and offer the care and support you need and seek, no matter how many years after giving birth.

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