WEBINAR: Bellydance Therapy


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  • warm-up and stretches for whole body
  • breath work to engage the core
  • guided movements for basic bellydance
  • information about the healing power of dance movement
  • guided meditation for stress relief/inner peace and connection

Bellydance is a healing and powerful form of movement with ancient roots in the Middle East and North Africa historically shared by women during pregnancy, labor, and birth but also still enjoyed by the whole family and all generations of people from these regions.

As bellydance therapy, it can unlock stuck energy and movement in the abdominals, hips, pelvis, back, and breath and allow the natural life force of sensuality to flow thus increasing vibrancy, joy, and confidence. It is beautiful as expressed by women of all ages, races, cultures, in all walks of life, and all body shapes and sizes.

This sacred feminine movement is very balancing and strengthening for the core in general and the psoas, which is a deep pelvic muscle that strongly affects our back and posture. It can also help address back/hip pain and alignment. (See my home page blog article, "The Mysterious Psoas" for a better understanding.)

Focus is on encouraging body awareness, self-confidence, self-expression, freedom of movement, and stress reduction through this graceful, powerful feminine form of dance movement.

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