Personal Training


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What are the benefits of personal training?

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PERSONAL TRAINING is personalized fitness training based on your specific goals, needs, and background. You get to know and trust your trainer; you have someone “on your side” to push you and to whom you are accountable. Working individually allows for greater attention to the details that matter most to your progress.

We start with a thorough 90 minute Assessment from which I create your customized training program which addresses your goals, needs, and concerns. In your Assessment, we look at your health history, lifestyle habits, and screen your movement patterns to pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas in need of improvement. From this initial session, you will come away with at least one skill and homework which will immediately help you. 

If you are local, you'll have the option of therapeutic massage and Thai yoga massage house calls to complement your training! BOOK HERE
(Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, CA Areas)

What do you offer as a personal trainer that is unique?

I offer both LIVE ONLINE  & HOUSE CALL SESSIONS specializing with women of all ages, mothers, grandmothers with a strong focus on core strength and recovery, no matter how many years after pregnancy and birth.

I am a certified personal trainer (NASM), Prenatal & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (Fit For Birth), and bellydance therapist. With this eclectic background, I offer a strong focus on building core and pelvic floor strength, hip mobility, effective breathing, posture, coordination and flexibility. I combine functional fitness training, corrective exercise, and bellydance therapy along with therapeutic stretching to create workouts that help you feel a positive connection to your body and yourself. 

Emphasis is on a safe workout, proper form, and manageable progress/improvements that you will maintain for the long-term!

Postpartum Training and 

Core Rehabilitation

Make time for yourself as you heal and reclaim your body with POSTPARTUM PERSONAL TRAINING. We can address postnatal issues such as self-care and recharging, overall toning, healthy weight loss, improving posture and ease of movement, core rehabilitation to address diastasis recti (“mommy tummy”), c-section birth and episiotomy recovery, pelvic floor issues, addressing low back/hip pain. I also offer a supportive space for birth trauma recovery and perinatal loss. Even if you’re children are grown, it’s never too late to address these issues and have your full health and balance!

What is Corrective Exercise?

CORRECTIVE EXERCISE has been called “a blend of personal fitness training with physical therapy. Corrective Exercise teaches you how to move with the correct muscles, enabling fluid joint movement and the potential avoidance of nearly any joint or muscle pain.”
(James Goodlatte, founder of Fit For Birth)

This is “HEALING MOVEMENT”. We incorporate corrective exercise and bellydance movements to help align, open, strengthen, and decrease pain, discomfort, and “stuckness” in the spine, hips, belly, and breath. Learn proper movement that both treats and prevents injury. Benefits include an increase in stamina, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, freedom of movement, confidence and healthy weight loss/gain/maintenance. 

Through a combination of “healing movement”, breath, nourishing foods, proper hydration, and the cultivation of a positive mindset, fitness is extremely powerful medicine.

Can I get personal training with a partner?

Yes! I offer personal training for 1-2 people. Working in a “team” of two can further motivate and inspire you. It also costs less per person. I offer private training for women of all ages.

Prenatal Training (Upon Request)

Take care of yourself and your baby with support for a fit and healthy pregnancy through PRENATAL PERSONAL TRAINING. Prepare your body and mind for labor and childbirth with an emphasis on core/pelvic floor work, labor-specific movement and breath work including bellydance, and positive visualization. Build strength and stamina in a balanced way for the physically demanding job of parenting. Build a solid base for postpartum recovery.